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Video report about 2 of my last quick sessions (24h) at Carpodromo (Pesqueiro 1 and 2), between the end of September and November 2020

BAITS: among others to experience, I used mainly @Dynamite Baits products because I trust and know their performance and effectiveness.

RIGS: between Blowback, Chod and D-Rig, the captures happened mainly in BlowBack with Snowmen, including my 2020 PB with 18.50kg in a beautiful and well round mirror.

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the @angling_spirit
Fish Category
Total Weight

40lb 23,5oz

Detail of The Method That is Used

Chod Rig with a Yellow Pop-Up

Static Code
Fishery Name
Lake/Water Fished Name

Carpodromo (https://www.instagram.com/carpodromo/)

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